5 Best Bass Fishing Lines For Anglers (2021 Buying Guide)


Behind every successful bass fishing venture is a reliable fishing line. But, with so many options available, selection is stressful. If you are new to fishing, it may even be more overwhelming because it is hard to know where to start. 

So, to help keep you away from troubles, we have come up with this detailed article about the best bass fishing lines, featuring a buying guide, top products, and frequently asked questions. Continue reading until the end to grasp all our valuable tips and advice.

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Choosing Bass Fishing Lines


Every fishing line is measured by a pound test, which indicates its respective applicable weight. There are many weights available among all types and fishing line products in the market. 

In general, the standard weight for braid lines in freshwater is 10-15lb and 20-50lb in saltwater. For monofilament, the standard is 4-12lb in freshwater and 12-20lb in saltwater. 

You can also choose a line based on the type of fish that you intend to catch. Here is the common fish reference for you to consider: 

  • Small Mouth Bass, Panfish, Trout = 2-4lb 
  • Large Mouth Bass, Smaller Salmon, Walleye = 6-12lb 
  • Carp, Catfish, Stripers, Pike = 14-20lb 
  • Sea Bass, Flounder, Sea Trout = 8-14lb 
  • Salmon, Stripers, Redfish = 16-25lb 


The aim is to get the thinnest line with the highest strength possible. By this token, smaller fishing line diameters will be more desirable. Thinner fishing lines provide lower visibility, improved lure action, enhanced strikes and sensitivity, reduced wind resistance, etc.


A fishing line’s toughness is a combination of tensile strength, shock strength, knot strength, and abrasion resistance. 

  • Tensile Strength: Also known as straight-line strength, this refers to how much pressure can be applied, by pulling or stretching, before the line breaks. So, for example, a 10-pound test will break against a pulling/stretching pressure equivalent to 10 pounds. 
  • Shock Strength: This refers to line breakages that occur due to rapid jerks, particularly right after a user sets up the hook. However, this is often overlooked—breakages mostly happen due to steady pull/stretch. Thus, tensile strength is more significant. Nevertheless, having higher shock strength is favorable. 
  • Knot Strength: Knots can weaken fishing lines. Thus, in this regard, knot strength is indicating the strength that remains in a line after being knotted. The higher the knot strength, the better. 
  • Abrasion-Resistance: This quality makes fishing lines more durable. Abrasion resistance implies that the lines are tougher. It also suggests that the line will last longer. 


This refers to how easy it is for users to detect small bites and subtle strikes. Needless to say, higher sensitivity is preferred. 

5 Best Bass Fishing Lines Of 2021 

PowerPro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line 

This is an excellent contender from PowerPro’s line-up. It converges the ideal attributes of the best braided fishing lines: affordability and quality. Even though it is among the cheapest lines in the market, it does not skimp in any aspect. 

For the latter, there is an ultra-strong construction with added abrasion resistance and a desirable strength-to-diameter ratio. 

The fishing line is made of exclusive Spectra Fiber, which pairs with the brand’s Enhanced Body Technology to offer a dependable, round, and smooth line. These, in turn, enhance user experience and performance. You can effortlessly cast long distances without having to worry about the reeled lines being tangled. By this token, hassle-free handling is guaranteed. 

This line’s abrasion resistance capability further reinforces quality. Rest assured that the line robustly withstands saltwater and UV rays. It will accompany you on fishing trips for a long time. Thanks to its top-tiered quality, breakages never occur, even when handling big-game bass. 

There are options for lengths, pound tests, and colors. So, you have the luxury of choosing the best one for your preferences and needs. For example, you can get from 150-year per 8-pound line to 1,500-year per 150-pound line. Color options are hi-vis yellow, vermillion red, and moss green. 

All in all, you can place your faith in this PowerPro braided fishing line. For more details on the fishing line’s benefits, watch this video by JoshDouglasFishing. 

Berkley Trilene Sensation Monofilament Fishing Line 

This is a monofilament fishing line for its superior sensitivity and smoothness. You can work with small baits and quickly detect even the slightest bites. With this fishing line, you will never miss subtle strikes again. 

For castability and handling, there is minimal memory. As such, regardless of whether you are using crankbaits or spinnerbaits, you can rest assured that your casts cover a long distance. By the same token, it does not easily tangle or snarl. 

The fishing line features a Complex Polymer Alloy technology that ensures durability and ramps up user experience. On top of that, its abrasion resistance entails that snaps and breakages are far-fetched scenarios! You will be able to handle even the biggest bass. 

This is the fishing line that you want in your kit. Sizes start from 6 and span all the way to 20 pounds, pairing with 300 meter pools. For 250 meter spools, there are options for 25 and 30 pounds. It is a suitable monofilament choice if you are on a budget as well. 

You should be able to get these easily in person or online. Consider checking out the brand’s official website on Amazon

SeaGuar’s Blue Label Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

This is among the best fluorocarbon fishing lines in the market. It is almost invisible underwater, making it perfect for fishing in calm waters. You do not have to worry about spooking any fish away. 

Professional fishers also praise it for its outstanding knot strength compared to counterparts in the same price range. The fishing line resists UV rays, chemicals and can be used for both fresh and saltwater. Its non-absorbent quality also aids overall strength. You can rest assured that it will not wear out over time. When handling bigger bass, the line will not easily snap or break. 

Plus, it has high density, which eliminates the struggle of sinking lines and minimizing slack. Therefore, you also have the option to catch species towards the bottom of the water floor. 

Although it is a bit pricier than other fluorocarbon fishing lines, it is well worth the value. If you want an efficient and effortless experience, investing in this SeaGuar Blue Label fishing line of Seaguar is wise. 

KastKing Copolymer Saltwater Fishing Line  

Fourth on our list is a top-rated product from renowned brand KastKing. This is everything you want in a fishing line and more! 

First, with incredible knot strength, it allows you always ensure a good hook set. This, in turn, minimizes knot failures and maximizes performance. Since there is little to no strain, slippages and breakages will be rare. 

Second, it helps you make longer and smoother casts. In addition, it is less stretchy and has low memory so that you can have the best user experience. You can cover larger distances and bring home the big games without much effort. 

Third, it is virtually invisible underwater. This line can fool even the fish with the best vision. No more empty-handed ventures, which makes sure that fish will not be scared off with this low visibility line. 

Fourth, the line is abrasion-resistant. This ensures that your line will not break or fail mid-reel. It is durable to accommodate even large bass. Thanks to this quality, the fishing line will be your water companion for a long time. You will not need replacements anytime soon. Plus, given that longevity is ensured, this fishing line is excellent value for money. 

In short, this is a good option to go for if you are seeking a copolymer fishing line. It is relatively affordable and not difficult to find. You can get them in person or online! 

Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink Bass Fly Line 

As expected of a reputable brand, this bass fly line is a favorite among the best bass fishers. It features a 25’ fast-sinking head that makes casting easier than ever. Unfortunately, this head is also heavy to assist short-range, fast-action rods. 

The line has a unique AST Plus Slickness feature that minimizes friction and lets anglers shoot lines effortlessly. Moreover, there are welded loops on either end for hassle-free attachments. You get to save time and effort! This makes it particularly ideal in tournaments and competitions. 

This Sonar line is specifically designed for cold waters, which is perfect for bass fishers. Nonetheless, it will still work solidly in moderate and tropical climates. 

Additionally, there is a clever design to ensure minimal tangles. As a result, your precious time on the water can be saved for fishing and not sitting to untangle lines. As such, your experience in any bass venture is guaranteed. 

When purchasing, you can choose ones from 150 grain to 350 grain. So if you are searching for something to fish streamers in cold water, this Scientific Angler fly line will not disappoint. 


What kinds of knots should I know for bass fishing?

There are so many fishing knots out there—it’s hard to keep count. But, here are the two basic knots that should be able to master for efficient bass fishing: 

Loop Knot

This type of loop offers more freely moving baits. This, in turn, lets anglers get the most out of their lures and attract more bites. It is ideal for various applications, including those that involve jerk baits, topwater poppers, and walk-the-dog style baits. 

Loop knots are not too complicated to do. There are plenty of tutorials made by anglers for anglers. The best part is that you can get them for free with just a few clicks of your mouse. For example, check out this guide by 

Palomar Knot

This knot secures the line to a lure, swivel, or snap. It is the epitome of simple but strong. The Palomar knot is very effective for bass fishing and is arguably the most recommended among seasoned bass fishers. A benefit of this knot is that it does not compromise with the original line strength. In addition, it has a non-jamming release. 

You can quickly learn how to make this knot with resources readily available online while investing some time and effort into practicing. Eventually, you will get so used to it that you can do it in your sleep!

What kinds of baits should I get for bass fishing? 

As with knots, there are countless types of baits available in the market. While there are no baits that fit all, but these are the ones preferred by bass fishers: 


This bait is used for simple catching and retrieving. It is simple to handle and set up. You can rarely go wrong with this type of bait. These are very affordable and accessible. You should be able to get them just about anywhere—be it local fishing stores or online retailers. 

Soft Plastics 

These refer to creature baits, worms, and tubes. They are generally snag-resistant and so are perfect for novice anglers. Soft plastic baits also fool fish into thinking that they have scored a delicious meal. 

There are low chances for you to accidentally scare your catch away. Like crankbaits, these are not difficult to find. You can avail them at an affordable price. 


That marks the end of this article about the 5 best bass fishing lines in the market. Hopefully, it has been helpful. 

If you have made your decision, do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments. We cannot wait to hear from you! Also, if you think this will be of benefit to anyone, please share the article. Any other follow-up questions and thoughts on this topic are warmly welcomed as well. 


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