Magnet Fishing Guide For Beginners (Detailed Explanation & Tips)

Magnet-fishing lake

Magnet fishing is a hobby that is quickly increasing in popularity for a good reason. This activity provides you more chances to enjoy some peace of mind and creates a unique experience for families.

However, before jumping right into this hobby, there is also some magnet fishing guide you need to keep in mind to make the most of the experience. There is no worth fretting too much; continue reading this guide article to get your mind across. 

What Is Magnet Fishing?

Magnet fishing is understood as detecting metal objects under the water by using a compelling magnet. It is quite similar to metal detecting, where things are found on land with a metal detector. 

However, it is evident that these magnets are not ordinary ones. Instead, they are made from a rare series of metals on earth with the most robust properties of any element in the world, called Neodymium.

Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is indeed an exciting and inexpensive outdoor activity. In addition, magnet fishing also allows outdoor enthusiasts to interact with the environment uniquely. 

You certainly can’t resist the thrill of hunting for what you’ll see next, the excitement and curiousness of pulling some metal treasure from water spots that you think may keep something special. Magnet fishing guides are practical tips and methods to help you get the basic techniques to have the best fishing experience. 

Magnet Fishing Guide: How To Start Magnet Fishing Correctly?

Many people are searching for how to start magnet fishing, but it is not as difficult as you think if you keep track of these below tips: 

Choose the best magnet

Throwing the magnet into the water means that you need a powerful magnet to attract underwater objects. Therefore, it will be better to get the strongest magnet you can carry and fasten it to a rope.

A magnet using rare earth metals called Neodymium is considered the standard fishing magnet. A neodymium magnet is famous for its compact size but can generate a huge pulling force.

magnet fishing guide

Neodymium magnets are rare earth magnets and are considered one of the strongest magnets available. Neodymium’s relatively compact size and substantial full force make it the top choice in magnet fishing.

The most prevalent magnet on the market today is an N52 neodymium magnet that weighs under 2 lbs but has a pull of 500 lbs. This one includes a countersunk screw firmly added to it to make it easier to attach an eyebolt to tie the line securely. 

Keep in mind to take extreme care when handling these magnets as they are powerful and can cause injury and possibly damage electronic devices. Also, never try to put two of these magnets together as they will shatter due to the force of the impact.

Use a proper rope

Magnet fishing requires not only a strong magnet but also a good rope for your line. You need to ensure that your rope is good enough to prevent your magnet from losing on the bottom of the water. 

A rope at least 50ft long will be highly fit for fishing in most types of places. But according to the depth of the place you want to fish or your habit of fishing far from the water’s edge, you can use a 100ft rope. 

There are two common types of strings available for purchase. Although they are included in the magnet fishing kit, each type has its strengths and weaknesses.

Generally, two types of rope are equal when it comes to quality. Their strength, durability, elasticity, high wear resistance, and outstanding button holding ability are essential to increase your fishing experience. 

But paracord slightly has the edge over nylon because of the responsive pull feedback of the rope you get. You will know immediately the moment the magnet has caught something.

Consider other accessories: hook, glove, and apparel

Like any outdoor activity, you need to take many accessories to get the most of the experience. Keep in mind to choose a suitable hook to make it easier to magnet fishing. Also, it will be better if you store your hook in a plastic container.

magnet fishing box

Gloves are something you need to pay attention to because a well-qualified pair of gloves will avoid injury when pulling the rope or handling rusted metal. Moreover, gloves will prevent you from coming in contact with the sludge on the surface. 

When purchasing gloves, choose the puncture-resistant and water-resistant types so that they can protect your hands from things like fish hooks and rusty nails. 

It is advisable to wear comfortable apparel when you embark on your magnet fishing adventure. Protect yourself from hot weather by wearing a hat, sunglasses, even waterproof shoes or boots because sometimes you have to stand in water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to magnet fishing?

Luck doesn’t play a dominant factor in the success of magnet fishing. Instead, it depends on the places you choose. Almost all locations containing water such as lakes, rivers, dams, canals, and sewers will have metal for you. 

Besides, pay attention to areas that tend to attract a lot of visitors. Beaches or popular fishing spots are great examples. Perhaps, valuable metal laying undisturbed for a long time is waiting to be discovered.

Magnet-fishing lake

What is the point of magnet fishing safety?

  • Keep a safe distance from the water to make sure that you don’t slip and fall.
  • Keep your fishing magnets out of the reach of children.
  • Ensure your magnet does not come close to any metal poles when fishing from a bridge because its attachment to them will be your danger. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to where you throw your magnet not to attach itself to a moving watercraft.

magnet fishing risk

Are there magnet fishing laws?

Magnet fishing is not against the law, but you need to commit some rules:

  • Don’t magnet fish where there are signs prohibiting fishing.
  • Comply with all measures for preserving nature and historical sites.
  • Be conscious in protecting the environment
  • Make sure not to harm others


In a nutshell, magnet fishing is indeed an exciting hobby that many people are crazy about. Starting magnet fishing as a hobby is a piece of cake if you follow our magnet fishing guide. 

Hopefully, after considering this detailed article, you will get the most of experience in magnet fishing. Moreover, keep in mind to follow strictly some safety instructions and laws to become a safe and environmentally conscious magnet fisher. 


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