How To Choose Crappie Baits? (Best Tips For Beginners)

best for crappie baits

Crappies have always been attractive to anglers since the 1960s. Catching crappies can be simple for those who master the techniques and use proper baits. Nevertheless, numerous people are still struggling because they are clueless about crappie fishing tactics and which bait to use. No worries, we are here to help you out with how to choose crappie baits.

Why Is Fishing Crappie Enjoyable?

best for crappie baits

The first reason why millions of Americans enjoy crappies fishing is that they are delicious and valuable commercially. Thus, they can have a tasty meal with crappies. 

Otherwise, anglers can sell crappies if they are too full to eat. Compared to other types of fish, crappies are much easier to catch because they constantly hunt for food. Therefore, there is a high probability of lures to approach crappies. Unless fishing crappies is easy, it is not an enjoyable leisure hobby for American adults and children.

4 Types Of Crappie Baits & How To Choose Them Wisely

Crappies are mainly found in lakes, streams, sloughs, and ponds. There are few crappies in deep water and rivers. Crappies work well with various types of lures. Below are popular crappie baits, along with detailed descriptions and evaluations of each type for your reference.

Crappie Jigs

Crappie jig is in the first line of options for crappie baits. Jigs are the oldest and the most classic baits for crappie. One notable feature of crappie jigs is fishing through the ice. 

Crappie baits Jig

The first tip for choosing crappie jigs is color. Users should select the crappie jigs with the color visible to the watercolor of their fishing location. For example, jigs for stained water often have solid and dark colors, whereas those used for clear water have lighter shades.

For stained water categories, there are hundreds of options for stained water. Colors for clear water are fewer. Light color crappie jigs are recommended if consumers want to save money because light jigs also work well in stained water.

Regarding models, users can consider Skipper’s Moon Jig, Eagle Claw Crappie Jig, and Berkley Power Jig. Currently, there are two variations for your selection which are 1/16 oz and ⅛ oz in all types. 

Amongst the three, Skipper’s Moon Jig is the most suitable for spider rigging because of its crescent shape, which is easy to troll. The Berkley Power Jig is known to have a scent that is attractive to fish. 

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Crappie Spinners

crappie Spinner

Spinner is the second type of lure suggested for crappie fishing because spinners mimic crappie’s favorite food: minnows. In addition, spinnerbaits have vibration, flash, and motion, so crappies are attracted to this type of bait. 

The body below the blade is relatively heavy and comes in various sizes and colors. There are three types of crappie spinnerbaits: Safety Pin Spinner, Horsehead Fishing Spinners, and Weighted Spinner. 

When selecting spinnerbaits, pay attention to the vibration capacity because the vibration function helps fish navigate the lure in the dark, muddy water. 

Amongst spinnerbaits, a Safety Pin Spinner is highly recommended by experienced anglers because of its good vibration. This lure encompasses various tertiary creatures when cast with ultralight, so it is appealing to crappies.

One tip to make the most of the Safety Pin Spinner is retrieving slowly not to alert crappies. When fishing in the shallow brush, blowdowns,  or blurred with weeds, move the lure alongside to get through. Crappies are excited about the lonely, fearless tiny creatures amongst the cove so that they will bite the bait.

In this category, Weighted Spinners come as the second choice. This type of lure is suitable for river, rock tertiary, shallow water, and cove. A piece of advice to use Weighted Crappie spinners is maintaining electric vibration, avoid moving too fast. If anglers troll with this type of lure too quickly, the lure is inclined to the spine and then twists the line. 

Crappie Grub Lures

Crappie Grub Lures

Crappies love grubs as they fit crappies’ mouths, so this bait works well in crappie fishing. Jigs’ hooks are metal, while grubs are soft plastic. The crappie grubs are incredibly lightweight as they are made of plastic. The grub lures are known for their curly tails, making them versatile when matched with single hooks or small jig heads. This bait is ideal for all water conditions.

The principles of choosing colors for crappie grubs are also the same with crappie jigs. Nevertheless, there is a difference in terms of size. Noting that, 1/24 ounce models work efficiently in shallow water. On the other hand, the ⅛ ounce models are more suggested for fishing crappie in deep water levels. 

The grubs work well with a medium fishing rod to balance the power when shrinking down the water. According to the word-of-mouth experience, to attract crappies, anglers can add some grass into the tails of grubs. Crappie grubs are ideal because of their high durability and affordability. 

Crappie Tube Lures

Tube lures are handmade products from soft plastic. This type of bait imitates a squid, so they can easily hide in deep water creature flocks. Regarding sizes, tube lures encompass from 1 ½ to 3 inches at length.

The colors of the tube vary from dark to light. In particular, the glitter models are widely chosen because of their attractiveness and efficiency while crappie fishing. The sparkle is the distinctive feature of the tube lure that is shiny to catch crappie’s attention. 

One element to consider before choosing lures is a lure that trolls smoothly in the water. Tube lures are good at this point. The tactics to hop and troll tube lures are slacking in your line until it becomes taut when the tube lure contacts the bottom of the water. Then, send the tube lure upward to one or two inches when a crappie bites the lure, rest for a few seconds, and lift.

As being made from soft plastic, tube lures are more vulnerable than other crappie lures. However, a set of tube lures have around 15 items. Thus, it is worth spending as the current price of tube lures is not so expensive. Tube lures from the Strike King brand are highly recommended. 

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What are the best crappie jigs colors?

Because the crappie jigs category offers hundreds of colors, users are clueless about mostly chosen colors. The answer is brown, orange, dark brown, all black for stained water. In clear water, the best colors are pink, chartreuse, and orange white.

What are good brands for crappie lures?

Strike King (known as Mr.Crappie), Berkley, Johnson Beetle, and Bobby Garland would be the top reliable brands.


Hopefully, after this article, you master how to choose crappie baits like a pro. Depending on needs and preferences, one can select their suitable crappie lures. 

Note that great lures come along with skillful techniques and quirky tactics. Those are enough for anglers to conquer the ocean. Please share this entry with your friends if you find it helpful. Thank you, and have a good day!


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