How To Choose Pond Boats For Fishers (Beginner’s Guide)

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Not only a money-making job, but fishing is also a hobby and a sport that attracts people of different ages. Many people may pay attention to the fishing environment and weather and spend much time or money on a fishing rod, but use a regular boat or whatever they have. 

A good fishing boat is also a crucial factor that makes your job or feeling better. If you frequently go fishing on ponds, do not ignore helpful tips on how to choose pond boats.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Pond Boat

Must-know tips for pond fishing

  • Dawn and dusk are the best time to catch fish in a pond, especially in summer, as most kinds of pond fish feed themselves in these two moments.
  • Another ideal fishing time is after the rain, but you need to wait for a while. If the rain is heavy, you may need to wait for a few days.
  • Pond fish often gather in dark or shaded areas, so pay attention to the bushes or where plants grow densely.
  • Avoid making noise and try to hide your body from the fish’s sight. Otherwise, they may be frightened and swim away.
  • Small boats are recommended as large boats may threaten the fish.
  • Pay attention to the wind. You may base on it to guess the fish’s movement.

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Types of pond boats

There are five main kinds of bond boats:

  • Jon Boat: This is the most popular kind of pond fishing boat. A Jon Boat is mainly made of aluminum with a flat bottom and is pretty consistent.
  • Dinghy: This boat is made from rubber, so you may get no problems when there is a collision. Sails or a motor can run a dinghy.
  • Rowboat: This boat is less popular recently. It is usually made of wood or metal with attached sails on both sides and a sharp keel.
  • Kayak: This sailing-run boat is enough for one or two people, but you may feel convenient when working alone. The most significant disadvantage is limited space for your belongings.
  • Canoe: Pond fishers often use a sailing-run canoe, not a motorized one. This long and narrow boat moves pretty fast and quietly.

How To Choose A Suitable Fishing Pond Boat: 5 Factors To Remember

Below are some critical factors that you may consider before buying or making a pond fishing boat:

1. Purpose of the boat

Many people use their boats not only to go fishing but also to roam around the pond. Therefore, a clear purpose will help to choose a suitable boat. Any incorrect choice may affect the job mission and feel. For example, a kayak is an excellent choice for fishing, but not sightseeing.

2. Who uses the boat

Some people may not buy or make the boat for themselves but their children. An experienced angler can use any fishing boat, but a kid needs a safe one. Therefore, a rubber dinghy is the best choice, but don’t forget to equip the children with life jackets. In addition, teaching them how to swim is necessary also. 

3. How many people are on the boat

Those who go fishing alone may ignore this factor, but they may look for a large boat to take their kids and even pets. A large rubber dinghy can be the best choice because it protects the children from any collision and is comfortable to sit on.

If you go fishing alone and want to make a boat instead of buying it, see this video for reference. 

4. Pond size and driving style

Fishers may depend on the size of the pond or their driving style to choose between a sailing-run boat and a motorized boat. A motorboat is more suitable for a large pond, but paddling is quieter and easier to approach the fish near the bushes.

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5. Your tastes

With a large budget, we can expect more than a primary pond fishing boat. Material, kinds of motor or paddles, size, seat style, or even roof are what we may require, but don’t forget the above factors.


How much does a Jon boat cost?

The Jon boat is the most popular pond fishing boat because of its consistency and convenience. However, a Jon boat’s price varies a lot depending on its style and quality. A cheap one is around $550, while a superb luxury one is up to $30,000. 

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The size of a Jon Boat ranges from 10ft. to more than 17ft. Its materials vary also. There are numerous Jon boats made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or high-quality steel in the market. If you want to bring one, don’t forget to follow the above instructions before deciding.

Which is better: a light boat or a heavy boat?

The weight of a boat affects its moving speed. With the same wattage, a lightweight moves faster than the heavy one. 

However, the movement ability of a boat depends on other factors, especially the habitat characteristic and the weather. For example, in a river or sea with rough currents, the heavy boat is safer as it is hard to flip. In addition, if there is a strong wind, a heavy boat is less affected.

As a result, a lightweight boat is better in a pond, while a heavy one is more suitable for more extensive habitats.

Which material is better for a boat: Aluminum or Fiberglass?

Aluminum is one of the most durable metals on the Earth, while fiberglass is among the best synthetic materials. Therefore, there are several debates between professors about these materials, and most of them talk about the vulnerability in the water habitat, especially seawater, which contains salt and zinc. 

However, it is undeniable that aluminum and fiberglass are excellent boat materials and are hard to wear out in low-salt water. As a result, either material is suitable for a pond fishing boat.

What can cause damage to a fiberglass fishing boat?

The salt level is the first factor to be concerned but if you go fishing in a pond, don’t worry about this. Moreover, a quality of a fiberglass boat can be affected by the below factors:

  • UV rays: Most materials are affected by this factor, and fiberglass is no exception. If a fiberglass boat is exposed to the sun for a long time, it becomes crispier, and its lifespan is shortened.
  • Collision: Sometimes, we accidentally hit the bank or rock. One or two times are not a problem, but if we make collisions frequently, the boat quality will decrease.
  • Acid: Pond water doesn’t contain much salt, but some places may have a high acid level, which may decrease the quality of fiberglass. You may use pH tools to measure and use saturation substances if necessary.
  • Production: Sometimes, we are unlucky to get faulty products from the manufacturers. Such boats may have some vulnerable incompleted components that may damage the boat after a short time. In this case, activating the warranty terms is the only solution.

Why are fishing boats often at high prices?

A primary and straightforward fishing boat such as a railing-run canoe or rowboat is not expensive, but we are discussing well-designed boats. Below are several contributing factors of expensive boats:

  • Technology: New technologies are present not only in the engine but also in the material. For example, boat motors are designed to be more compact, practical, and quieter, while the development of the chemical industry allows us to produce high-quality materials.
  • Design: Manufacturing fishing boats has become a competitive industry, so many providers made changes to the appearance of their products to attract more customers. It is not only the overall shape but also the completion of every small component.
  • Furniture: An excellent fishing boat contains more than you can imagine. Manufacturers can put more amenities on the boat, such as comfortable chairs, bait containers, or even a roof to cover anglers from sunlight or rain.
  • Fuel: Some manufacturers advertise their products as eco-friendly boats. Instead of using fuel like diesel or petroleum, their boats are run by fresh biological fuels that minimize the poisonous emissions.

Therefore, deciding to buy a fishing boat means spending not a small amount of money, but don’t worry, the quality of the boat matches the money you spend.


We hope that the above information and guide about how to choose pond boats can help you select a suitable vessel for your fishing jobs. Whether you want a primary or a well-designed fishing boat, never forget those considerations before making a decision. Also, if you feel this article is helpful, share it with your fishing friends and who want to join the hobby to spread your interest. 


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